All my walks at the moment are very quick as it is very cold and frosty and my fingers go numb every time I try and take a photo!  These are a few photos I took on a late afternoon walk at Dinton Pastures.  The only surprise was seeing six Ring-necked Parakeets on the bird feeders and I managed to get a couple of shots before they flew off.

Pair Parakeets


This squirrel was peering intently at the outdoor birdfood storage box – I hope it doesn’t find a way in…….

Squirrel by the feed store


There are lots of gulls, ducks and geese on the lakes, as well as several Grey herons.  This young swan was by itself near the edge of White Swan Lake.

Young swan

Heron in flight

I spotted this Little Grebe up against a reedbed – they are really tiny and hard to spot at distance.

Little Grebe by the reeds

All the usual small birds were flitting around including lots of Long-tailed Tits.  They move so fast and are usually high up so it is difficult to get good light for a photo.  The same goes for Goldcrest – there are plenty about but they dart around so quickly it is hard to get a decent shot.

Long-tailed Tit


There are far too many cormorants everywhere.  Here are two with a Great-crested Grebe.

Grebe and Cormorants

Gulls are massing in large numbers on all the lakes, as are the Geese, both Canada and Greylag.


Gulls landing

Canada Geese in the evening light


A few gulls

A few gulls