A group of Waxwing are currently visiting a couple of small berry trees on a busy road in Wokingham so I had a quick look on the way to the shops and managed to get a few photos despite them being much more skittish than usual.

Waxwing, sized


Waxwing 3, sized

Waxwing 4, sized

Waxwing 6, sized

Waxwing 7, sized

Waxwing 8, sized

Waxwing 9, sized

Waxwing 10, sized

Waxwing 11, sized

Waxwing 12, sized

Waxwing 13, sized

After I had finished my shopping and was loading up the car, I happened to look up and saw a row of rooks on the wires above the car park.  Dotted amonst them were three pairs of Jackdaws.

Jackdaw pair, sized

Jackdaws, sized

Jackdaws 1, sized

Rook and Jackdaws, sized

Rooks, sized

Rooks and Jackdaws, sized

so quite an interesting shopping trip really!