Tea Brack

Tea Brack and Muffin, not a legal firm but a couple of snacks. Tea Brack is an Irish fruitcake which can be served cold or toasted and with or without butter.

I had mine at Good Stuff on avenida Castilla Perez and decided on cold rather than toasted. Will try that next time! It was fruity, sufficiently moist…and with a mug of coffee, delicious.

Tea Brack

Mug of coffee and cake €3.85.

At the Larios centre in Málaga I fancied coffee and cake – surprise, surprise – so popped into Café & Té which I thought might possibly provide the necessary. They do a variety of coffees and cakes although on this occasion I suddenly decided upon a chocolate muffin.

chocolate muffin

It had cream in the centre – some do, some don’t – and didn’t disappoint. Having also had the creamy type served warm I would have to say that would be my preference if push came to shove. Maybe they would have warmed it but it wasn’t immediately offered, so cold it was.

Enter the Larios Centre, turn left and Cafe & Té is the first watering hole on the right.