Tapas, Ronda

Lunch in Ronda was a tapas affair at Las Campinas in Plaza del Socorro. Many places in Ronda serve mixed tapas – often 10 tapas for between €9 and €12.50.

At Las Campinas you could also have 3 hot or cold, 6 hot or cold or a combination of 3 hot and 3 cold. We chose the latter and we got tortilla, meatballs and chicken (hot) and octopus and apple in a sauce, salad and crabmeat (cold). There was also a basket with breadsticks and really nice, crusty bread.

With the tapas selections, these are set or determined by availability, you do not choose for yourself.

An excellent set of tapas and very filling. The setting in Plaza del Socorro is very relaxing and the service at Las Campinas was very good, particularly considering it was very busy the whole time.

Las Campinas, Ronda

Tapas, Ronda

Despite being quite full, it wasn’t long before we stopped off for ice cream. Well, I was going to have ice cream but saw the chocolate cake!

cake, Ronda

ice cream

I was going to have a ‘horchata’, a milky drink, with my cake but while we were waiting we heard them tell someone else they had run out. I changed to a home-made strawberry milkshake, only to be informed they only had chocolate. I reluctantly agreed. However, what actually appeared was just a run of the mill small bottle of supermarket chocolate stuff. Very disappointing.

The chocolate cake was OK but I was not too impressed overall and will try somewhere else next time (unfortunately can’t remember the name of this place).

The ice cream was apparently tasty enough but also not quite as ordered/advertised. It was supposed to have chocolate as one of the flavours but had mint instead. This was explained by the staff as being ‘After Eight’ chocolate. Ah well.