Vitaliano, Nerja

In a town with a winter population of around 20,000 but well over 300 bars, cafes and restaurants, it is hardly surprising that these establishments change hands and names on a regular basis, particularly in the period immediately following the high season and during the winter months. Keeping up with all the changes is not easy.

The good news is that these establishments simply reopen under a new name or ownership, very few actually disappear. There seems to be an almost unlimited supply of people willing to ‘give it a go’, which is a great thing, especially considering the ongoing financial situation in the country and the obvious competition locally.

Sushi Sun on calle El Barrio, the second attempt at a small sushi bar in town,  has gone and has been replaced by Taperia La Chumbera.

Bar Alameda on calle Jaén is once again up for sale. After many years of stability, this bar has been changing hands on a regular basis, even changing name on a couple of occasions.

Vitaliano, Nerja

La Strada on the edge of Plaza Tutti Frutti has gone, replaced by Vitaliano. Big surprise that one, La Strada had been there for as long as I can remember.

La Bodega has opened in Plaza La Marina, in between the fairly new Brazilian restaurant and Bar Turry. Regular changes in this square, apart from La Marina and Pata Negra.