I had my first Brazilian on Friday evening and what an experience that was, I could hardly walk afterwards. So, if you are planning one, my advice would be to make sure you are really hungry.

The location was La Posada de Brasil in Plaza Mayor, Málaga, a large restaurant with a good sized terrace.

The Brazilian BBQ consists of whatever you decide to put on your plate as accompaniments – there must have been around thirty options, including a couple of types of beans, different potato dishes, rice, salads and a whole lot more – and a stream of meat dishes – pork, chicken, beef, lamb, ox.

I had been warned not to overfill the plate with the accompaniments, and I didn’t, but I still failed to reach the end.

The waiter brings out meats at regular intervals, slicing portions at the table. Chorizo sausages, beef, chicken wrapped in bacon, beef etc etc etc. All beautifully cooked, extremely tender and absolutely delicious. The stream, however, seems endless.

Unlike most ‘eat as much as you like’ or ‘eat as much as you can’ offers in some places, where people pile their plates to the roof and end up wasting a lot, this doesn’t seem to happen (too often) here.

On each table is a rectangular block, painted half green, half red. If you want to miss out one of the meats, or wish to signal your surrender, you simply turn the block to have red on top and you ‘miss a go’. A very simple but effective idea.

I managed nine different, or differently cooked meats before I had no option but to raise the white flag – or red block – and accept defeat. There were still several rounds to go, including lamb. I was stuffed.

The food: Excellent, both the quality and the choice on offer.
Presentation: Not really applicable, but I did try to make my self-served accompaniments look nice on the plate.
Service: Excellent
Location: Very good – good place to people-watch.
Decor: Very good

Overall, a great experience and I would recommend you try this place if you are in the area. Or even make a special trip.