Morcilla, El Redondo

I’ve had friends visiting for the past week so what better excuse to get out to a few tapas bars and restaurants? None really.

Los Bilbainos (calle Alejandro Bueno): Always nice to sample the Muscatel wins from the barrel – sweet, medium and dry on offer. Good tapas as well. My choice, chick peas with chorizo and ham etc, were cooked to perfection. €1.50 for beer and tapa, €1.60 for wine and tapa.

El Redondo – Round Bar (calle Gloria): Several trips here, always good quality food and good service, especailly considering how busy it gets at certain times of day. Salads, Moussaka, ham and other items were devoured with gusto. €1.80 for beer and tapa.

El Cangrejo (calle La Habana): Hadn’t been here for yonks but pleased to see it is still as good as ever. Wide variety of tapas on offer.

El Pulguilla (calle Cristo): A perennial favourite with residents and visitors alike, not only for tapas but also for meals. Top notch. Morcilla (superbly cooked), chorizo, pinchitos and other items went down very well. And it is cool in there with the air conditioning.

Bar Turry (Plaza La Marina): Always like this place. Very friendly, nice terrace, tasty tapas – I had their lasagne, one of my favourites. €1.50 for beer and tapas.

Anahi (calle Puerta del Mar): Coffee and cake, what else?.

La Taberna de Antonia (calle Carabeo): Still undecided about this place. Superb Rabo de Toro, melt in your mouth, but you don’t get to choose your tapa, can only have tapas at the (small) bar itself and it is a bit lacking in atmosphere for me.

Goa Town (calle Carabeo): A fairly new, small Indian restaurant just past La Taberna de Antonia, and as we all like Asian food then we thought we would give it a whirl.

Chicken Madras, Lamb Vindaloo, Vegetable Vindaloo, Aubergine Vindaloo, popadoms, roti, nan bread, boiled and pilau rice and a bottle of wine – €50 for four people which isn’t bad these days. My Lamb Vindaloo was tasty, quite spicy and was not, as can be the case in some places here, overloaded with coconut. In fact, don’t recall much of a coconut flavour at all, certainly not overriding.

So, Goa Town got the proverbial ‘thumbs up’ from us all.

As far as the visitors were concerned, their favourites were probably:

Tapas – Round Bar.

Paella – Mauri on El Playazo beach. They tried several, including on Burriana, but were most impressed with Mauri.

Restaurant – Paco Mari in calle Gloria. They were also impressed with a pizza meal at Portofino in calle Puerta del Mar.

Tasty Morcilla at El Pulguilla

Morcilla, El Redondo