Cielito Lindo, Nerja

I had not been to Cielito Lindo, the Mexican restaurant in calle El Barrio, Nerja, for some years, so three of us decided to give it a go.

The dishes ordered were: Rack of ribs (enormous), Enchilladas and Tacos. This is a picture of my choice, Enchilladas.

Cielito Lindo, Nerja

We sat outside so we could watch the world go by….and the world could stare at us while we ate….which is always nice.

There was hardly anyone in the restaurant at this time as it was a bit on the early side due to a planned trip to the circus later, but it still took a long time for the drinks to arrive. Had we ordered anything more complex than beer then we might still be there waiting.

The enchilladas and tacos duly arrived, but it was a further five or ten minutes before the ribs made an appearance, by which time the first arrivals were no longer hot, just barely warm in parts.

The enchilladas were tasty enough, the ribs were extremely tender and the tacos, although different, also disappeared from the plate. The problem with the tacos, in my view, were that they were not at all crispy, no different from my enchilladas in fact. However, you get the same, non-crispy, variety in the other Tex-Mex restaurant in Nerja, Andale.

The food: Reasonable quality, but a bit overpriced for what it is – €12.95 for the enchilladas.
Presentation: Good
Service: On this occasion, not particularly good.
Location: Good
Decor: Good