Saturday was my first trip to a TGI Fridays eatery, this one in Park Gate, Hampshire, England. It was packed but, being a large group, we had the foresight to book a table which meant we went straight in past all those patiently waiting in the reception area.

The menu is extensive and you can even get a 32 oz ribeye known as the ‘Tomahawk’! Having had a lovely steak the night before at my daughter’s place, and roast lamb on the menu for Sunday, I decided to go for something different.

I opted for a Tostada Stack – Crispy flour tortillas packed with cheese, chillies, garlic veg and topped with pico de gallo, Southwest sour cream and spicy guacamole and Cajun chicken. I assumed, incorrectly, it would be like a burrito. How wrong I was. And it was ginormous! I managed almost all of it before finally having to admit defeat.

Only had my phone and the camera seems to be playing up a bit but I took a couple of pics anyway.


tostada stack

A member of staff is assigned to each table and they introduce themselves (ours was Josh), which is a nice touch, and if it is a birthday, the staff appear with a cake and sing Happy Birthday! On the whole, a vibrant place to eat, great service, excellent food and a wonderful experience.