Cottage Cafe, Geneva

In the green area around the Brunswick Monument in Geneva is a lovely little eatery, The Cottage Cafe, one of my favourites in the city.

Cottage Cafe, Geneva

The garden area is super, very relaxing, and the whole place has a great atmosphere. You also¬†get good views of the Monument and, in the background, the Jet d’Eau. Popular, too. And the little sparrows come to your table as they search for crumbs, although at Swiss prices you tend not to leave too many!

Having consumed a couple of beverages after a long walk, I was in need of the facilities so off I went in search and was directed downstairs.

Quite a narrow staircase and corridor and not overly brightly lit – to say the least. There were several doors, none clearly labelled as far as I could see, so I made an educated guess and, after pushing the door, in I strode.

Very interesting walk-in freezer! I beat a hasty retreat before anyone came along and saw my little error.