Mocha cake

After a couple of weeks trying to overcome some sort of debilitating flu, cold, bug, virus, plague or whatever it was, where lethargy was an aspiration and appetite was a faded memory, it was almost joyous to finally see something and actually fancy eating it, even if it was a slice of cake.

This was described as a Classic Mocha with White Chocolate and was on display in Salvador.

Mocha cake

Just missing out on the seats inside Salvador I decided to sit outside on one of the nearby benches. Once finished, I grabbed my debris and made for a bin. Gone. I know they have been replacing odd bins here and there recently, but I have also noticed that many just seem to be disappearing. Two on calle El Barrio spring immediately to mind.

I carried my litter for quite a while before locating a bin – discovering in the meantime another which had just vanished – but, unfortunately, there are many who would just dump their rubbish on the street.

Who needs a prosecutor with a defence lawyer like this?

The St Petersburg metro blast suspect says he did not plan the attack, but his lawyer says he did.

stone wall, Nerja

New piping is being installed to prevent further sewage leaks off Torrecilla beach, the estimated cost being around €100,000. There is no completion date being given as the work is weather dependent and the seas are getting a bit rough at the moment. ‘Weeks’ is the best being offered.

Had the first mozzie bites for what seems like years and they are huge bites. The mozzies are huge ,too, perhaps the Tiger variety which have staged a bit of an invasion over the past year or so in many parts of the country. Haven’t felt inclined to check one out ‘close up’ but could be on the cards…