San Juan, bridges and beaches

Saturday June 24th is the Fiesta de San Juan, with the evening/night of the 23rd (Noche de San Juan) being the big celebration on the beaches. It is usually ‘tent city’ on Burriana and El Playazo beaches – the only time overnight camping is permitted – and there will be live music on Burriana beach with the group Alalba and a number of DJ’s.

Puente Viejo, Nerja

Local stuff and a video

The bridge into town, Puente Viejo, is now expected to reopen at the end of June, a couple of weeks later than first announced. More work – another two months worth – is now reportedly going to be carried out on the bridge but, hopefully, this will not involve closures as this would bite right into the main summer holiday period. Unless it gets postponed, of course, as so often happens.

ship's wheel, Nerja

Out and About June 5th 2017

I cannot remember there not being a Francisco jewellers shop in calle El Barrio, Nerja, but all good things come to an end I suppose. The shop is closing down so, presumably, there are bargains to be had for those who are interested.


Out and About May 22nd 2017

The new slimline bins, complete with ashtrays, now adorning the Balcón de Europa are probably more aesthetically pleasing than the ones they replaced and one cannot compliment the local authority enough for paying attention to even the smallest details in the quest to refine and improve the image of the town for visitors.

Balcon de Europa, Nerja

Playing with panoramas

Very pleasant on the Balcón de Europa this evening. Incidentally, the works being carried out near the viewpoint are not, as I assumed, related to drainage but are in preparation for the installation of the ship’s wheel which, until now, has been located by the terrace of Kronox cafe in front of the Town Hall.

San Isidro, Nerja

San Isidro 2017

Monday was almost ideal for the annual Romería de San Isidro, a bit of light cloud here and there making it nice and warm rather than oppressively hot as is sometimes the case. Crowds lined the streets, cafe terraces were filled and people came out on their balconies to watch the procession wend its way slowly from the centre of town to the Nerja caves in the village of Maro.