It is almost a foregone conclusion that putting something like this on display when I am out wandering will have only one outcome. It was delicious.

El Redondo, Nerja

Flaming sausage and craft beers

The chorizo al infierno was popularised by Rafa at Los Barriles and he still does a great one – but more and more tapas bars offer a similar dish these days. This one was at El Redondo – The Round Bar – in calle Gloria. For some reason, though, my camera phone failed to show the huge flames as my sausage sizzled away.


In the pink

Strikingly pink, so I just had to see if the taste lived up to the visual aspect. Nice darker, thicker topping, a light, very creamy and fluffy centre, thicker jam layer and tasty base. Overall, much lighter than it maybe looks at first sight and delicious. Anahi, calle Puerta del Mar: €5 for coffee and cake.


Cake on the hoof

I liked the look of this cake, a meringuey-looking creamy lemony cake, so decided to grab one, and a cup of coffee, and sit on the Balcón de Europa for a change as it was quite sunny. Deeelicious it was. Calahonda Bakery in calle Puerta del Mar.