Poodle Play

This poodle was having a great time chasing his favourite slipper on the Balcón de Europa. Most dogs, when another approaches or passes, age in the usual sniffing process, try to initiate ‘play’ or, occasionally, begin barking. This one either ignored them or, in the case of a small but hefty boxer, gave it a wide berth.

Scruffs Nerja

SCRUFFS Nerja 2016

Scruffs Nerja has been going for many, many years but this year was the very first time I managed to get there, so it was time to shoot some dogs. With a camera I hasten to add before the internet goes into a ‘frenzy’, Twitter into ‘outrage’, MySpace ‘turns in its grave’ and Donald Trump makes it law. Here are a few of my faves.