El Tolano

El Tolina

For many, many years, the cheap and cheerful Antelo bar was on the bottom corner of the square in Plaza de la Ermita and served very good tapas. Since its demise there have been several openings and closings, the latest incarnation being El Tolina.


The ‘Missing Words’ round

Before checking out the news of the day, I still like to scan through the MailOnline in a morning as, apart from the often totally misleading headlines, non-stories, obsession with certain Z-listers and sensationalism, there is usually an episode or two in the games ‘guess the missing words’ or ‘rearrange the following to form a coherent sentence’.


So, none then

According to the MailOnline: “Revealed: ‘Lost’ pyramid city uncovered in the heart of Mexico using lasers had as many buildings as Manhattan 1,000 years ago”. Fascinating revelation….ignoring the fact that Manhattan didn’t actually exist 1,000 years ago of course.

Morcilla, El Redondo

Emotional Support

Airlines appear to be clamping down on ’emotional support animals’ after people have turned up to check-in with giant peacocks, turkeys and other assorted creatures. This is despite, in many cases, the passenger being in possession of a valid doctor’s letter certifying the animal as a ‘comfort animal’.